Our Weekend at The Scott Resort & Spa

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I am not a native Arizonan, but I’ve lived here a long time now, and Scottsdale feels very much like my hometown now. I really love exploring The Valley. When work is crazy but I need a bit of a break, a staycation at a local resort is always just what I need to decompress a bit. My wife and I recently celebrated 10 years of marriage, and had an opportunity to enjoy a quick getaway at The Scott Resort & Spa. It’s just a few minutes from the office and our home, so it wasn’t a big undertaking to get away like it can be when we go out of state for a trip.

The Scott is unique in that while it is part of a group of hotels (Classic Group and Hotels), each hotel has a completely unique design, and is managed directly by Classic Group to give each guest a beautiful experience! Amber and I have been in the hospitality industry for years now, so we always enjoy visiting other hotels and seeing what other businesses are doing!

The atmosphere when we walked in was very relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. It’s been a busy season at work (in a great way!), so walking in and feeling all the busyness melt away was fantastic. I really felt like I wasn’t even in Scottsdale anymore, even though we were just minutes from Old Town! The whole vibe of the resort is very tropical and Bohemian. 

We got to stay in an upstairs room with a private balcony overlooking the pool. I loved it! Amber and I opted to have a kid-free night on Friday, and then our girls joined us for some family time on Saturday night. Scroll down for our itinerary to get ideas of what to do when you plan your own getaway at The Scott!

There were so many things we could have added to the list, and you truly never even need to leave the resort property! There is even a restaurant on site that we look forward to going back to check out – we didn’t have a chance during this trip.


We got all checked in and headed to the Canal Club for cocktails. I loved the whole vibe of the bar and could have happily sipped on my drink and people watched all night! After drinks, we took some time to explore the property. There were so many scenic places all over the resort. After wandering the resort property, we went to Mastro’s City Hall for an incredible anniversary dinner. Make sure you tell them when you’re celebrating an anniversary – they have the best special dessert! After dinner, we relaxed in our room and had the best night of sleep.


We got up early Saturday morning, and cruised Old Town Scottsdale in my 1970 Bronco. We went to Shmooze for breakfast, and it was fantastic! We did a bit of window shopping at Fashion Square, and then headed back to the resort, where our girls joined us. We immediately went down to the pool for the entirety of the afternoon. 

The pool area is great! There are two separate pools, each with a different vibe. There seemed to be a lot of fun group gatherings at one, and the other was a bit more subdued. We hung out at the second pool – all four of us really loved the beach entry! The weather was absolutely perfect. After many hours, we managed to drag the girls away from the pool and headed to get pizza at Grimaldi’s. It never disappoints! After that, we decided to be tourists in our hometown and walked around Old Town before topping off the evening with a visit to the iconic Sugar Bowl for dessert and arcade games. 

I really can’t say enough good things about our weekend at The Scott! It was the perfect staycation for us. If you’re looking for an in-town escape, or have guests coming to visit looking for a unique place to stay, this is it! Thanks for reading along all about our adventure – we look forward to sharing about future trips too, whether in town or far away.

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