A Conversation With John Mersek of Essential Investing

I’m excited to share with you an excellent financial advisor in the Valley that I’ve known for years. John Mersek is the CEO and Founder of Essential Investing, and he has an approach to business that is full of integrity and a solid perspective.

Whether you are a new investor or someone who has been investing for years, I’d recommend watching the above video. John takes the long view when it comes to investing (Warren Buffett does too, so he is in good company). But he also has a healthy view of money that few in the investing world promote.

John Mersek also has a clear, simple way of communicating complicated ideas. That approachable style is one of the reasons why more in the Valley are entrusting him with their investments each year.  And, he cares about delivering for his clients! Instead of being tied to a company’s products, specific investments, and “selling” – he is able to understand clients’ needs and deliver recommendations that are independent of commissions.

Learn more about John Mersek and his company, Essential Investing, here.

We are grateful to know and share excellent companies in the Valley with our clients and friends. Business leaders like John Mersek are a part of what makes this such a great place to live; after all, it is the individuals that make up the community!

From Scottsdale,


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